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100 Days, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes

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The next November 14 will be celebrated throughout the world the "World Diabetes Day"with different activities, some of them via the Internet. On one hand I read about the controversy of who should take the upper hand in what the diabetic should eat: the doctors?, the nutritionists?, the chefs?. These are three professionals with different points of view on what we take to our mouth.

The doctors know and they should take control, but do not have time to explain to the patient, so some doctors will only refer the patient with the nutritionist. This professional knows about ingredients, quantities and portions, and develop a “personalized diet" based on information provided by the doctor, but this diet is "cold", no joke, tasteless, no seasoning. The chefs are trained to prepare dishes based on ingredients that are provided to them, and turn those into real "art", not only in sight, but because it involves the other 4 senses: sound, taste, smell, tact.

Furthermore, looking at some cybernetic activities about the "World Diabetes Day" I have noticed that there is little participation of professionals in the preparation of dishes, that is “the chefs”. The different associations of diabetics, and health institutions make recommendations on what to eat when you go to a restaurant and that 20% of the population are diabetics, and half of them do not know, so a fifth of those clients that regularly attend the restaurants are diabetics. In some restaurants there is a section of “children's menú”, other menus bring "light food, and only in the CAFE RESTAURANT La Fiesta did I see a "low carb" section of dishes .

And that is why I happened to have the "Crazy Idea" to interview 100 chefs, with a little about its origins, its history, its perspective and its relationship with diabetes: family history, clients served, menus prepared etc. . and that this individual gave us a recipe "apt for diabetics", nothing sophisticated, simple, that people who cook for diabetics, whether mothers, wives or the same diabetics cooking for themselves or others, that diabetic could understand and do I did not achieve the goal of 100 interviews, but 80. The interviews were published daily until November 13, May 14 included summaries of the interviews.
This year 2010 I will return again to interview 100 chefs and the 20 places I missed! The summaries published in English of the 2009 edition for consultation are:

Anecdotic Summary
Chronological Summary
Summary by Categories
Geographical Summary
Statistical Summary

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