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100 Days, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes: Day 76 Greg Louraichi

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I was born in Arcachon (France), in March 31 of 1981. I love the food and my grand mother show me how to cook. I was big when I was studying and my parents ask me to try to become cook, so i go to Dorgeles Hospitatlity School in Arcachon (France) to learn for 3 years.

I start to work for differents companies (each company is differents cooking style: school, season: summer / winter, traditional, semi – gastronomic, etc.), than find this job very interesting and creative. So i decide to come in china for lear more about food. I worked 6 years in France for differents restaurant and now 6 years in china working on restaurants and hotels.

In France:

L avenue Restaurant (chef de cuisine) whith Chef Michel Chemin
Chez Yvette with Chef Mr Dominguez
Hotellerie du lac de Gaube with Chef Seyres
Chalet du Clot with Chef Mr Seyres
Hotel Restaurant Alphee (chef de cuisine) Louraichi Gregory
Restaurant Chez Mimi (chef de cuisine and co owner) Louraichi Gregory
S.R.A (chef replacement)

In China:

La Seine (Guangzhou) - Chef de cuisine - Louraichi Gregory
La Seine (Beijing) - consultant
Di Matteo (Guangzhou) - consultant
The Place(Guangzhou) - Chef de cusine
La Seine (Shanghai) - Chef de cuisine and consultant
La Roma(Shenzhen) - Chef de cuisine and consultant
La villa (Hong Kong) - Sous Chef
Marco Polo (Xiamen) - Guest Chef
Sofitel Hotel (Xiamen) - Executive Chef

Mr Thierry Marx is the chef i admire most

I have few friends diabetics and sometimes i try to make new recipe for them.
I want the diabetics people can enjoy the food same everybody .The most important, you have a lot diabetics and they can find by internet or by friend chef a lot of recipe to enjoy this kind of food. (can be gastronomie, traditional or bistro). The world is more open than before so is more easy to find a recipe for diabetics!!!!!.

This is my récipe:

Poached King prawns with 5 spices and Sautéed Porcini with lemon & garlic


500 gr Porcini
250 gr King Prawns
1 Green lemon
1 Yellow lemon
20 gr Parsley
20 gr Garlic
1 spoon olive oil
10 gr cumin
10 gr corianders
5 gr paprika
5 gr thyme
5 gr rosemary
Salt and black pepper


King Prawns:

Wash and clean the king prawns.
Take a bowl and mix the 5 spices together (cumin, paprika ,thym, rosemary and coriander)
Boiled 1.5 liters water and add the spices,1/2 lemon and the king prawns than cook for 15 min.
After keep for 20 min the king prawns inside the pan in warm place.


Wash and slice the porcini
Take off the skin of the green lemon and cut small dice
Take the pan add olive oil,garlic and porcini for 10 min.
Add the 1/2 yellow lemon juice inside add parsley, salt and black pepper


Put the king prawns on the middle of the plate add the porcini around.
Add fresh coriander on the middle and tomatoes dices

100 Días, 100 Chefs, 100 Recetas: Día 76 Greg Louraichi

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