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100 Days, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes: Day 2 Matthew Goudge

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The Diabetic Chef

I bumped into Chef Matthew Goudge via Facebook recently. After the exchange of a number of messages and emails I decided to involve him in the 100 Days, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes initiative. I took the opportunity to ask Matthew a number of questions about himself and his Diabetes Type 2.

Raul- Since when did you want to become a chef?

Matthew- From the tender age of 7 I began to develop a passion for cooking. I was guided my mother in the home kitchen. My first taste of the culinary arts probably was when I cooked my first batch of patty cakes, closely followed by a batch of sausage rolls.

Raul- Where did you study?

Matthew- I studied at Goulburn College of TAFE in New South Wales, Australia.

Raul- Where have you worked?

Matthew- I have been lucky to work in numerous locations scattered all over the globe- including- Australia, England, Austria, China, Malaysia and St Lucia. I have worked in hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, cafes and sporting venues.

Raul- Who is the chef you most admire?

Matthew- Charlie Trotter

Raul- Is there anything else you would like to add?

Matthew- I am going to be sneaky here Raul and give my self a plug. More details about me can be found here

Raul- Please tell me about your association with Diabetes 2?

Matthew- It was in September 2008 that I realized I had developed Diabetes 2. I just returned from a vacation; I was feeling a bit strange within my self- exhaustion, blurred vision and thirst were some of the things affecting me; so I paid a visit to my doctor. I had blood tests done- the results came through within a few hours. They were not good- my blood sugar levels were at sky high levels. At that point in time I was located in Central China; the Doctor recommended that I took a flight to Shanghai or to Australia for urgent treatment. I chose to take a flight to Shanghai.

The whole situation of being diagnosed with a Chronic Disease took awhile to set in. I was put on insulin 4 times daily to assist in bringing my sugar levels to reasonable levels. My eye sight was affected in an extreme manner; I had a script done for glasses by the time I went to pick them up my eye sight had deteriated even further. I was put on a strict diet by a nutritionist. You could say that I was in a desperate situation. After a week of being in hospital I was discharged; I returned to my apartment in Central China. I was issued with a blood glucose tester unit along with test strips so I could perform self testing daily.

It took me a number of days to settle back into daily living. I toured the local supermarkets to source suitable food items; low sodium soy sauce, sea salt, plus a number of other ingredients recommended by the nutritionist and fellow diabetics including- cinnamon, soy milk, sardines, tofu and olive oil among other food items.

I noticed that once I began to loose some weight the sugar levels came down and my eye sight began to return to normal range.

Within a matter of weeks of extremely close monitoring and following the strict diet as recommended by the nutritionist I managed to be able to live without the insulin and switch to oral medication. All in all at this current point in time- I am almost living like an average healthy human being. I have regular blood tests to continue to monitor the situation and I am always well aware of my situation. I do not allow my diabetes to have a negative impact on my life. I ensure that the people around me are aware of my diabetes. With a few adjustments to ones life it is relative simple to live a happy life with diabetes.

I asked Matthew to share one of his Diabetic recipes with me. He provided the following:

The Salad Bowl
Serves One


60 grams Assorted Salad Leaves
10 grams Pea Sprouts
40 grams Cherry Tomatoes- Cut in Half
20 grams Carrot- Julienne
20 grams Red Onion- Shredded
10 grams Dried Apricots- Cut into Quarters
30 grams Avocado
30 grams Tinned Tuna in Spring Water
Sea Salt- To taste
Black Pepper from the Mill- To taste


Place all prepared ingredients into a bowl.

To finish- drizzle with a squeeze of lemon juice mixed with a dash of olive oil

Serve as required with a slice of whole meal bread.
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