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100 Days, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes: Day 34 Ahmed Hossain

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I am a nature lover, I was born in a riverside village of Bangladesh. After completion my high school education, I studied hospitality management at National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute, Dhaka.

I started my hotel career in Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh (a leading 5 star hotel in F & B service, 1981-1984.

In 1984 I joined to the Moveinpick hotels Riyadh, KSA, where due to my keen interest, I got transferred in the culinary division, after 6 months training, under the supervision of French Executive Chef Mr. J.J. Roveli, who inspired to become a chef.

In 1991 I joined at Marriott Riyadh, KSA as Chef D, Parte, and within a year and half I was promoted as Sous Chef, managerial position in the kitchen.

In 1996 I joined BFCC (Biman Flight Catering Center) the national flight catering of Bangladesh, with the capacity of 20000 meals per day.

In 2000 I opened a resort hotel and run for 2 years, at Cox,s Bazaar, the longest unbroken sea beach in the world, as consultant and G.M.

In 2003 I joined hotel Sarina, a 5 star business hotel as kitchen planner/F & B consultant, with the pre-opening management team.

In 2004, I joined American Recreation Association (US Embassy) Dhaka as F & B Manager with the special assignment of renovation of kitchen.

In 2006 I started consultancy with Dhaka Regency special assignment of kitchen planner after 6 months finally I joined as Executive Chef and holding the same position till date.

Though I am not a nutritionist in profession, but working on diabetic nutrition by innovating recipes, which will be accepted and same time balanced for various type of diabetics.

I started thinking to do something for diabetic patients, because my life partner is a diabetic and I can feel the pain.

As Vice President of Bangladesh Chefs Development Society, actively involve in helping the restaurant chefs by providing training, seminar, workshop, about awareness and knowledge of food safety & hygiene. So that they can get chef job both in the country and overseas. Developing recipe site, Bangladesh Recipe and also doing cooking shows in local TV.

Here is a recipe recommended for the diabetics who do not need to take insulin. I believe that, this recipe will liked by the south Asian county people.

This delicious recipe has been prepared specially for Iftar (breakfast for Muslims during the month of Ramadan). Paratha is mostly popular in the Indo-Pak subcontinent and it is an ideal Iftar.

Chicken and Paneer Paratha

Ingredients for Paratha:

4 cups Whole-grain wheat flour
2 Tablespoon Ghee/vegetable oil
1¼ Cup Water
Salt to taste

Ingredientes For the stuffing:

½ cup Boneless roasted chicken (shredded)
½ cup Onion sliced
½ cup Julienne cut vegetables
½ cup cottage cheese


In a nonstick pan sauté the chicken, vegetable and onions, then keep aside.

Take the flour in a bowl and add some water to it.Knead it properly to make soft dough. Make sure that it does not stick to your hand.

Now take the dough and roll out small balls out of it. Thereafter, take the balls, flatten them a bit.

Press the dough balls gently and dust it with wheat flour. Flatten to the size of Tortilla.

Place the paratha over a preheated griddle. After half cooked remove from heat.

Put the chicken and vegetables, and topped with cheese on half of each paratha then fold like half moon shape, seal the edges with a toothpick.

Sprinkle a little bit of oil/Ghee and cook the stuffed paratha on medium heat, then flip over again. Make sure that you sprinkle oil on either sides of the paratha. Cook till it is properly done, until golden brown color.

Serve hot with green salad on the side

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