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Four months to go to World Diabetes Day!

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1. Campaign roundup

- Get inspired with the WDD Campaign Book

With World Diabetes Day four months away, many of you will have started planning your events for the day. Not sure what to organise? Find some inspiration in the WDD campaign book, the user-friendly reference guide that we've compiled to inspire and engage, and facilitate a unified global campaign across all regions and countries. Now is the time to consult the guide to help you with the planning, promotion and execution of your WDD activity. View it online here - Print copies of the guide will be available shortly on request from

- Posters

The 2010 campaign posters are available in English, French, and Spanish. Download them from or request print copies from We welcome translations of the posters into multiple languages. If you can translate the posters into your own language, contact to request the source files.

- Merchandise

Promote World Diabetes Day by purchasing one or more of the promotional items that we've produced for the campaign. Items currently available include blue circle pins, candles, Frisbees, flags and glow bracelets. Visit to order. Further items (Unite for Diabetes stickers, blue measuring tapes) will be available shortly.

- Monument Challenge

We continue to receive confirmations of blue lightings for World Diabetes Day. Countries that will be bringing diabetes to light include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Kuwait, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. Find out how you can participate at If you secure a lighting, please let us know by sending the name of the confirmed monument or building to Don't forget that this year we're encouraging everyone to associate the lightings with a physical activity to convey a positive and empowering message.

2. Support the campaign

Do you have an interesting idea that will grab public and media attention? Do you want to change the way that people think about diabetes? Are you lobbying your local or national government to improve diabetes care and prevention? Are you helping to implement change that will improve care for people with and at risk of diabetes?

If you're active in bringing diabetes to light in your area and plan to do so on 14 November, please share your information with the World Diabetes Day team - We will promote your activity through our website - - and use it to inspire others.

Examples of World Diabetes Day 'Champions' include the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Diabetes Hands Foundation, Diabetes Daily, Desert Dingo Racing, and the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

Get inspired with this WDD video message from IDF President Jean Claude Mbanya -

3. Promote the blue circle

High-profile athletes with diabetes such as five-time Olympic gold medal-winning rower Sir Steven Redgrave, US Olympic cross-country skier Kris Freeman, former Dutch Olympic gold-medal winning volleyball player Bas van de Goor and US professional snowboarder Sean Busby have pledged their support for World Diabetes Day and agreed to wear the blue circle pin – the global symbol of diabetes - to promote diabetes awareness.

We've also received word from our member associations in China and other countries that local newsreaders will be wearing the pin on air on 14 November. If you get a local celebrity or prominent figure to wear the pin in your area, let us know at

4. Global activities

Every year World Diabetes Day unites the global diabetes community to produce a powerful voice for diabetes awareness. We've already received news of major awareness-raising events that will be organized to mark the day in Canada, China, Ghana, Grenada, Mexico and the United States.

In Mexico, the Federación Mexicana de Diabetes (FMD) is planning an extensive programme for November 14. A special lottery ticket displaying the WDD logo will be issued to mark World Diabetes Day, and the draw will take place on November 9. A seminar will also be organized for national health journalists on the topic of diabetes and its complications. Local affiliates of the FMD are planning walks and public information sessions, and the FMD expects to exceed the number of monuments and buildings that lit in blue in 2009.

Visit our online events calendar - - to see all the activities currently listed, and don't forget to submit information - - about your activity once it is confirmed. Events will also be profiled in this newsletter.

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